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Download a 20 minute Parent Course led by Education consultant & Early years Expert Sandra Peers to support the foundations of a little learner...

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Newborn development 0-6 months
Early milestones 6-18 months
Getting school ready 2-4 years
First school years 4-6years
Encouraging positive behaviour
Mother and Child

20 minute online course led by Education consultant Sandra Peers

 Support consultation calls
tailored to your needs
From £50

In person workshops led by Education consultant Sandra Peers in
Surrey & London

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Having worked with hundreds of families over the 15+ Years I have worked across Education and the Early years, I wanted to write something to help with often, one of the biggest questions I am asked...Are there any tips for managing the chaos and emotions of our little ones? What is the best way to manage it and is there anything I can be doing to make it easier?

Well HERE it is, my tips and advice to help you on this crazy journey of

parenting in the early years...

For a 1:1 Consultation call to answer any unanswered questions or to discuss any topics you may have with parenting, I am also here to help Click here for more info 

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